Monday, June 25, 2012


As a pessimist, Mondays are a truly horrifying day (of course, that could be said about any day...but Mondays are definitely the worst). The day starts by waking up with general anxiety about all the major mistakes with consequences currently being experienced or the "quad-espresso" shot of anxiety for the consequences imagined, but yet unknown. After squashing these feelings down into small eventual cancer-causing particles in my body, I begin with the monotony of chores. I get up, get dressed, feed my chickens (you'll learn more about my love of chickens, love/hate of dogs and love of cats), brush my teeth and leave for work via McDonald's (you'll also learn more about my love for fast food). On my way to McDonald's, I have the daily devil-and-angel-on-the-shoulder battle about whether or not I am going to get a Coke or a Minute Maid Light Lemonade. Lately, Coke has been winning out, as it did this morning. While this is transpiring, I am also thinking about potential customer complaint e-mails I may have received over the weekend about items missing from orders or questions about where orders are,  wondering whether sales were good or bad, hoping I can get all the orders shipped and all the new inventory put away, and the big one: is my underinsured inventory still there or has the building burned to the ground (there is reason for this, which I'm sure I will discuss at some point).

While I was typing this entry, I did check on some of these things and yes, sales were bad, I got at least one e-mail about a wrongly shipped item, another asking when their order will ship and a phone call about an order that should have gone out by Friday. So, all is proven and it is true: Mondays suck.

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