Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is it me...or is everyone around me insane?

There is nothing funny about what I am going to post, but that won't stop me from mocking the entire situation if only to keep myself from driving off a cliff...except that there really are no cliffs here. However, a friend's mother-in-law who suffered from Alzheimer's somehow managed to drive off a cliff somewhere in the city, so perhaps I need to facebook message her and find out where that happened.

Recently, a paperwork snafu kept my son from getting into the Army. Of course, I was holding onto the tiny shred of hope that his paperwork would be reprocessed quickly and he would get right back in ASAP. gonna happen.

We got a cryptic text Tuesday night from him saying he needed to talk to us. Hey, he might be coming never know. Of course, now that I know what he needed to say, at least being gay won't keep you out of the military anymore. But having to go to court in a month for an underage consumption ticket just might. Will I ever catch a break with this kid?

So, the little outing with friends where he promised not to do anything illegal or that would jeopardize getting back into the military pretty much involved both. And, because nothing can be done with any moderation, he can't even remember what he blew for BAC...he just knows it had a couple 2s in it. Holy mother of God...

I can't continue on with any further commentary as it is just too fresh...and may result in me getting a divorce. Let's just say that my desire to not have child #1 drive any of our vehicles in the future was met with comments like "that doesn't make sense" and "that is sweeping." I'll leave my cathartic blog post on that precious conversation that for a future post when thinking about it won't make me want to hack the person who said these things into little pieces and feed them to my chickens. Good Lord, that sounds disturbed. Seriously, I don't have the motivation for that. The work, the mess, it would be too much. I'm more likely to just use a mean tone pretty much constantly and withhold sex.

On a lighter note, I had to drag child #2 across the house to the washing machine on her filthy bed sheet because she refused to have it washed and wouldn't let go of it. Fun times.

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